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Welcome to my blog!

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

Hello, my name is Tristan and I'm a first year PhD (DPhil) history student at the University of Oxford, where I've spent the last 4 years getting my BA and MSt.

A bit about my research:

I'm a historian of early-medieval Europe, particularly Anglo-Saxon England and the Viking world. More specifically, my PhD focuses on Anglo-Saxon nicknames, how they evolve over time and space, and what they might mean in terms of community bonding, keeping the peace and ethnic identity. I'll go into all this in more detail in the future (stay tuned and subscribe!), but it's as niche as it sounds!

What to expect:

This blog is really here for three reasons.

Firstly, in the time of Corona, it's good to have something to do to stop me going mad.

Secondly, it's here to try and keep myself accountable during my research over the next couple of years. Documenting what I've done will keep me focused.

Finally, I hope that what I have to say will be vagually interesting and useful! History has a huge appeal, but access to well-researched, engaging and interesting history is increasingly difficult to find. Furthermore, in my fifth year at Oxford, over three different degree levels, hopefully I can pass on some useful information to potential applicants.

So, on the blog I'll be posting a broad range of different content. There'll be stuff about my research itself and my research journey, broader questions about history and how its taught, content about Oxford and applying, and much more.

Please do sign up on the form below to keep up to date!


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