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'Remember what punishments befell us in this world when we ourselves did not cherish learning or transmit it to other[s]' - King Alfred (trans. Keynes and Lapidge, Alfred the Great 1983, p125)

This is not a money-making blog. Instead, its aim is to provide as much historical information and resources to everyone, from every background, for free. If Alfred's threat from a lack of shared learning came in the form of Danish invasion,  ours comes in the form of an increased social divide, and a misuse of history for political ends.

Anyone interested in history should have access to resources to learn, irrespective of if they have access to a higher learning institution. Those resources should be grounded in serious, up-to-date academia and research - on a modern internet, much of the free information is free for a reason, and inaccurate for a reason.

I am also fortunate enough to have spent the last five years at Oxford. Any advice I can share

on applying to university and explaining Oxford I will endeavour to share, in the interest of increasing access for everyone.

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