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The 'Viking' World - Artefact Database

Updated: Apr 24, 2022

The Swedish History Museum in Stockholm hosts the world's largest collection of Viking artefacts, which tell an impressive story of life, religion, and death in Viking-era Scandinavia. This has recently been digitized into an impressive free online collection that can be browsed on their website here.

Each item is provided with an impressive amount of contextual information, along with some beautiful photographs. Here's a great example from the collection, of an ornate Thor's hammer pendant.

There are many other free online databases for those interested in the study of archaeology. The PAS database records a great number of metaldetector finds across a great chronological range in England, while the Fitzwilliam Corpus of Early Medieval Coin Finds allows you to explore the numismatic evidence for 'Anglo-Saxon' England.

  • Interested in archaeology, and keen to access more information and resources? I have recently released a set of free, online notes for the archaeology of 'Anglo-Saxon' England - this is available here.

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