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The British Museum - Sutton Hoo

Updated: Apr 26, 2021

The British Museum has a wonderful collection of online resources on the Sutton Hoo finds that can be explored from your computer.

One of the things I've missed most in lockdown has been going to museums. However, it's important to remember that museums have been putting in a great effort to digitise and engage with the public, especially during Covid, and if you need that museum itch scratched, there's lots to be looking at. I thought I'd focus in on the British Museum's presentation of their finds from Sutton Hoo, given that last month's release of The Dig brought it back into the public limelight. Nothing compares to going to the real site, and when the world is back to normal I'd recommend visiting as soon as possible, but there are some fantastic resources in the meantime.

Of particular note is the British Museums Curator's Corner series on Youtube, which not only give a great look at their artefacts but at the people who study them and run the museum. In the context of Sutton Hoo, here's a great video about the Sutton Hoo sword:

And one on the iconic helmet:

If you need the actual experience of walking around the room, the British Museum also offers a digitised version of their Anglo-Saxon exhibit here. Even better, the audio guide is available online for free here as you wander your way around the virtual museum. Their blog also periodically posts about their Sutton Hoo collection - here is a great article about the general background, posted to coincide with the release of The Dig.

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