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In Our Time - early medieval history

BBC 4's long-running radio show provides some great episodes to access early medieval history, especially English history, in a digestible and interesting format.

I realise that over 50% of my audience are Americans interested in early Medieval England, so I thought I'd share another resource from England for the study of that period. BBC Radio 4 has an excellent series called In Our Time, a weekly radio show dedicated to in-depth discussions of academic topic. Three experts, usually from leading UK universities, are invited to discuss the topic from a range of relevant angles. The website for the show can be found here.

It's a great way of getting into a subject without a lot of reading - if you ever need an introduction to a topic to discuss with friends and look intelligent, check if there's an In Our Time episode on it first. Although the breadth of study here is very broad, there are a substantial number of episodes dedicated to the study of the early medieval period. Best of all, because it's the good old BBC, it's all completely free: browse below for a few great starting points.

The Danelaw - available here

The Battle of Stamford Bridge - available here

Beowulf - available here

Alcuin - available here

Athelstan - available here

The Lindisfarne Gospel - available here

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