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England’s Immigrants Database (1330-1550)

From the National Archives, the University of York and the University of Sheffield, this database provides a massive searchable index of individuals who migrated to England during the later medieval period, along with their backgrounds.

England has always been a country built on immigration, from the Romans to the 'Anglo-Saxons' and the Vikings. The England’s Immigrants 1330-1550 database provides an amazing way to visualise and explore the practical bottom-up evidence for this in later medieval period, and is available here:

This resource has painstakingly combed through a wide range of written sources from between 1330 and 1550 to identify those who permanently settled in England. The database is searchable by name (if you're hunting down an individual) or by country of origin, and each settler is given an entry with additional information. There are also a remarkable set of additional resources if you want to explore the topic of medieval migration more deeply, including a reading list and a set of podcasts.

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